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Nothing special. Just nothing.

R-Blackout Addict Stamp by KJsPlace

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NOW KISS IN THE STARS!!!!!!!!! by njanay21
Was tagged (again) by :iconpixie-tree:Penguin Waddle Emote Thank you very, very much for the tag, Sweetiebelle!
1. Write the rules

2. Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you.
3. Make your own 13 questions.

4. Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged. Don't just say "You're tagged if you read this"
5. It is forbidden not to tag anyone.

These are her questions:
1. What is your biggest pet peeve and why?
A messy dorm. I probably have more, but as of now, I am angered over how two of my horribly mannered roommates (I call them the Shining Twins) are the biggest slobs I have every met. And when there is a mess, I just get cranky. Wet or crusty underwear, socks, and pants left all over the floors; even in the kitchen. Dental floss laying all over the bathroom. Toilets unflushed. Hair all over the floors... It's so rage inducing:angry: :angry: :angry: I don't think I need to explain why that's my pet peeve. It's just disgusting. And what makes me even more mad is that no matter how many times I ask NICELY to pick up after themselves, those horror twins won't keep it clean, or at least keep their mess in their own bedroom. I otta mess up their stuff and see how they like itHmm. Evil plotting in progress.     

2. What is your favorite art form(music, traditional art, digital, dance, etc.)? 
That's a good questions because I lot it all. I can't decide.

3. What made you join DA?
Well, I wanted to share my art with others, because I wasn't getting much (if any) recognition at home. So, I joined here to try to find acceptance, I think, but the fun soon started to go down hill when I caught on to a few things. But then again, I can be pretty stupid, so I'm trying to just relax in it and not competitive.

4. Have you ever met anyone on DA that made you want to quit? 
Yes. Oh, yesReally Sad 

5. What drives you? What is your muse? What gives you inspiration?
I'm not sure. Maybe inspiration, but also determination for my own goals.

6. Traditional art or Digital art?
Hmmm. Well, to be honest, I draw traditional first, then I scan, then I draw over that digitally and make it better. Is that bad?

7. Coffee, hot chocolate, or tea?
Hot chocolate, pleaseHot Chocolate  

8. Main fandom? 
TMNT, of course.

9. What is your favorite fictional character?
There are so many, but If I had to pick one, it would be this guyHeart Love  TMNT 2014 Stamp: Music Video Raph by TMNT-Raph-fanHeart Love 

10. Do you believe in an afterlife or reincarnation? 

11. What is one of your main goals in life?
Become a good enough artist.

12. What is your most favorite thing about yourself? 
My most favorite thing about myself? That's a hard one. I guess it would be how much I care. I worry a lot about my friends and therefore, treat them how anyone would want to be treated.

13. What is something you wish you could change about yourself?
One thing I want to change about myself would probably be my race. That, or I wish I was a naturally talented artist. If either of those I could change about myself, I would have appreciation. (I know that sounds very selfish, but its just want I'm feeling right now.)

I think I can tag new people in this one, since I recently did one of these.
Ok, here are my questions:

1. Who are two of your favorite TMNT artists? 
2. What is a favorite commission you received? Feel free to show it:)
3. What is your favorite meal for dinner?
4. What is something you will never do?
5. Who is your least favorite actor?
6. Who is your favorite actress?
7. What do the lyrics of your favorite song mean to you?
8. Do you have any pets? What are their names?
9. When is the last time you sang out loud?
10. Do you like to dance?
11. What is a nightmare you vividly remember?
12. What is the best dream you vividly remember?
13. Who is your favorite voice actor for which turtle in TMNT? (It can be for 2003, 2007 movie, 2012, or 2014/16 movie.)

Ok, I tag:

Again, thank you so much for the tag, and for those of you I tagged, keep in mind you don't have to this if you don't want to.
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