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R-Blackout Addict Stamp by KJsPlace


Beautiful Lionesses
Looni (left) Miss Jo (right.) Two really good friends of mine. Both of them are strong, brave, and beautiful people, so I drew them out as lions in the style of The Lion King. Because I see them as powerful lions.
Love you both:heart: And thank you for being great friends to me.
A doodle before bed because I love this girl! This is Leah, an OC from the fabulous :icontc-96: (I do not hold any ownership of Leah.) Two words: READ THIS!…. It is AMAZING!

Also, happy Birthday, :iconblackfire2012:. Hope you will accept this has your gift:heart: Love you bunches and hope you had a happy birthday.
Midterms are finally doneRalph Furley - Icon I can finally rest and focus on getting better.
I was tagged by :iconnei-ning:


-You should say 13 things about yourself.

-You must answer the 13 questions asked by the person who has tagged you, as well as, create 13 questions for the people you'll tag. 

-Choose 13 people YOU have to tag. [ IT HAS TO BE 13 PEOPLE! And don't write: "If you have read this, you have tagged!"] 

-Make sure they know have been tagged. 

-You are allowed to tag whoever tagged you. 

-MAKE A JOURNAL! Don't be lazy! 

First, the 13 things about me:

1. Your latest dream?
My latest dream was when I dreamed I was were I was a Jedi padawan to my favorite Jedi, Kit Fisto.
2. What is the most happy / wonderful thing what has ever happen to you / what someone has ever say to you?
The most wonderful thing anyone has said to me was. "You are a hard worker and you don't give up."

3. Have you ever been in sauna? If not would you like to?
I have not been in a sauna and I don't think I would like to. I mean, it sounds really relaxing, but I don't do so well in heat.

4. If you would get a chance to move away from your home country, would you? And where?
If I had a chance to live in a different country, it would be Japan for sure.

5. If you would be a cat what kind of cat you would be and who's face you would rub with your butt? (cats say 'hi' by bringing their butt to your face)
Oh dear... Um. I would for sure want to be a fluffy(ish) cat. A bushy tail is what I want(^^) I don't know names of cats, so I would be a fuzzy black cat with a white belly, white paws, and a white stripe on my nose. I guess I would rub my butt on my cousin's face. I really can't think of anyone else.
6. What kind of adventure would be your dream come true adventure?
I would love, love, love to have an escape adventure where I was held captive by someone and then I escape. I run and hide for days until I finally find help and put my capture in jail. That would be the greatest thing ever!
7. Do you have any favorite positive word to yourself?

8. If there wouldn't be any problems, what would be the craziest thing what you would do?
Dive off a cliff into a snow bank.

9. A ride on motorcycle (big one), yes or no?
Probably not.

10. Your favorite quote if you have any?
"With great power comes great responsibility." ~Spider-Man (Uncle Ben.)

11. Your favorite dinosaur?

12. If some random old granny would slap your butt once and praise how sexy you look, how would you act / reply?
I would probably scream in confusion.

13. If you would meet an alien what would be your first reaction?
Maybe scared at first. But I hope I'm in a situation where I will get to know them better to were I am not scared anymore.

Ok, here are my questions:

1. If you were to enter into the world of a video game, which game would it be?
2. Do you have a fictional crush? If so, who is it?
3. If you had a power that would activate when you are sad or depressed, what power would you want it to be?
4. Who would you draw if your drawings could come to life?
5. What mythical creature would you be for a day?
6. If you could fly, would you want wings, or no wings?
7. What is your favorite animal?
8. What Disney movie would you want to live in?
9. If you had to choose to give up your sight or your ability to walk, which would you choose?
10. What are you wearing right now?
11. What is the most recent fanfic you have read?
12. What do you plan to do for the summer?
13. Would you want to have the ability to draw or the ability to sing and dance?

I wish to tag (And you don't have to do them if you don't want to.)
:iconr-blackout: :iconapriloneil1984: :iconadftlove: :iconthe-mystery-gang: :icon123ekaterina: :iconblackfire2012::icontheredrose100::iconjustpeachee::icondark-blossom95::iconfandomfanatic::iconfennekintherapper::iconalicecherie:


:icone-apathy: :iconmomorawrr: :iconkampiestarz: :iconnearlysilence: :iconblazerunner16: :iconfelhesznelenev: :iconcoralscorpion: :iconde-lerias: :iconlea-leaart: :iconthejennikins: :iconbakameganekko: :iconthe-mystery-gang: :iconadftlove: :iconnei-ning: :iconr-blackout: :iconninjaturtlesrock: :iconberalismo: :icon123ekaterina: :iconapriloneil1984:


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